What are the benefits to me?

Benchmarking is a powerful tool that assists you in:

  • identifying and prioritising specific areas of opportunity for improvement
  • enhancing your understanding of your customers’ needs enabling you to  advocate for more resources to provide time and cost effective tools and training of your staff
  • ensuring your organisation is an employer of choice by providing above average remuneration and work/life packages
  • reviewing your staffing levels against sector averages
  • identifying positions which enhance the customer service experience for your customers
  • illustrating the importance and dynamics of customer service within local government
  • submitting operating and capital budget requests which are backed up by a National report •recognising your strengths and weaknesses against the sector’s performance
  • setting goals and performance expectations
  • monitoring your performance and effectively measuring change

For Councils who are facing amalgamations, benchmarking provides an opportunity to illustrate to your amalgamated Council’s new Executive Team your successes and commitment to continual improvement.

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