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This year, as with every one of the last eight of that twenty, the chance to be part of our conference, catch up with old friends and meet new ones, is one of the highlights of the work year. Added to the warm welcome you always know you’ll enjoy on the Gold Coast, it’s a chance to share stories of projects completed, ideas put into practice, and open our minds to new viewpoints across the world of customer service. The theme of Driving Change to Embrace a Dynamic Future was surely a worthy aim for the event.

The people who rely on our services, help and advice aren’t going anywhere. Local Government is not like Telstra or Optus where one can change their providers if they are unhappy with the service. Our customers both internal and external will be relying on our continuing commitment to provide reliable, accurate and timely customer service. In fact, if and as change happens, their reliance on the way we deliver our promises – and our services – may well be at a heightened level.

We all know that mergers or any structural reform may lead to a degree of job losses or redeployment, therefore part of a group that continues to provide quality customer service can place those doing so in a very favourable light. Therefore we must be prepared and my advice is if you have not already done so this is the time to develop your Customer Service Strategy 2015-2020 and embrace the changes that are heading our way in an open and positive manner.