How do you manage your Councillor Help Desk queries / work requests?
Ans: We encourage Councillors to lodge customer requests – there are no special timeframes or correspondence afforded to the Councillors, generally speaking or in theory.

Are your Councillor queries handled in the same manner as other customers?
Ans: Generally yes in so far as the Councillor is the person that will be updated as to the outcome/progress.

Are Customer & Councillor queries dealt with in the same or different time lines?
Ans: Requests from Councillors can be considered to have a high priority however this is not general practice.

Do you have an online Customer Portal, basically a ‘one stop shop’ where Customers can log in online and access their rent statements, list of repairs, infringements etc?
If you have one or are planning one, what software are you using?
Ans: Currently no but it is in development. When released it will be the same as for the customers.

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