Hi Steve,
We had a major reshuffle of customer services just over a year ago with roles in front counter, contact centre and records combined, we used a skill matrix to identify core competencies and implemented rotation of staff to close skill gaps.
The three areas of the business are very different in terms of skills and resourcing requirements so the logistics of rotating a large team (phones) into smaller areas is a challenge. Optimizing training in shifts that meet staff/business needs has been done starting with a clean swap of willing staff, working the same shifts. An initial training period was followed by frequent short touch base periods. We had inconsistency in pay grades so re-grading provided an opportunity to increase skills through rotation and offer pay benefits for those rotating.
Additional resourcing (casuals) has been required to provide capacity (experienced staff off duty for training) and maintain service levels. Staff have substantive roles but rotate regularly to meet customer demand and maintain skills.
We have a Senior CSO oversee quality and operations in each area of the business, they serve customers as well as coach and mentor staff.
Hope this helps. Good luck.