HI Meredith and Tina

Around the general question of Live Chat I would note that when you are handling chat for your own organisation you mainly need people with knowledge who are alerted when a chat request comes in. Tina has explained how easy it is to link this to a telephone conversion procedure. Well Done has done some chat for a client via Liveperson, and we tried this initially routing to 1-2 people and they tended to need to build up a knowledgebase of f answers to save time responding for the client. In other words, in the outsourced situation you won’t have the same working knowledge as in-house staff. The other thing that’s different for our situation is that we have to think in terms of queues to route enquiries toparticulat people and you have to resource this properly. If we were going to handle chat for Councils, for instance, we would need one common platform to make this work so that we could manage the work in – multiple platforms (e.g. if you all had different ones) – wouldn’t work for us. Live Chat has come up a number of times and we have surveyed the platforms around and we have opted for Livezilla. With this one we host the platform, which is great because we can control access (cloud and privacy are an issue) and it has an amazing feature – translation chat into about 25 common languages. It can turn your website into something really accessible. Anyway, we had a few enquiries and are really only¬†waiting for a client to want the go ahead to set this up!