Hi Gail
Social media must be included as part of your charter as social media is a legitimate form of communication. As we heard at the conference people are using app’s such as Snap, Send, Solve to communicate with councils and weather a council likes it or not people will use Facebook to vent their frustrations within the community about council, so its important that councils have the means and tools to respond to all aspects of social media, it is no longer a choice for any council to engage in the social media environment, its part of a councils responsibility to engage with the community using this platform, If possible it is a good idea to have social media closely alined with Customer Service or even managed from the customer service department.
As to the second part of your question, it makes it easier for all if clear communication standards are set in place for everyone to see, this way staff members know when a person has crossed the line and what the recognised sanctioned organisational response is, IE a person swearing at a customer service officer will have the phone call terminated immediately or someone screaming down the phone will be warned before the phone call is terminated. its also useful for the customers to know that this kind of behaviour will not be acceptable and staff members can refer customers back to a written standard.
hope this helps